Falconry Training Builder

A simple online system that enables you to convert your presentations into interactive e-learning courses
Falconry Training Builder

Online Course Creation

Create an engaging multi-media training experience with Falconry Training Builder. Teach live to your entire organization or offer courses on-demand.
Falconry Training Builder is a powerful cloud-based content builder that lets you create courses and optimize training materials for all of your employees’ training needs. With an intuitive interface that’s easy for both employer and employee to use, it’s the ideal learning method for the digital age.
Falconry Training Builder

Easy to Use (Even for a Beginner)

Even if you’ve never created a course before, you’ll find it easy to do with Falconry’s intuitive layout, which lets you:
Falconry Training Builder


Because Falconry is an online learning platform, you’re not limited to how many people you can teach one course to at a time, unlike with conventional classroom or conference room settings. You can literally teach the same course to the entire company at the same time if you want. You’re also not limited in how many courses you can teach. Create an unlimited number of courses to address the various needs of all of your employees. Using Falconry, you can anything you want, including:
On-boarding and new employee training materials
Regular refreshers on risk and compliance requirements
Implementation of policies and guidelines
Industry-specific developments or updates
Specific skills for employees
The possibilities are endless. Copy, tweak and reuse your courses indefinitely to get the most out of each course you create.
Falconry Training Builder

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Create online content that deliver a high-quality and interactive elearning experience. In-person training can be time consuming and expensive. Falconry Training Builder is more cost-effective because you can reuse the same learning materials, and there’s no need to hire an expensive in-person trainer.
Content creation is easy with Falconry Training Content Conversion. Your content is preserved upon upload. This means your animations, slide builds, embedded videos, links, and audio are all retained and perfectly converted.
Falconry Training Builder

Create Content

Falconry Training Builder

Optimised Learning

HR and training professionals delight at the ease of creating online courses with Falconry Content Builder. Our LMS makes it simple to:
Optimize existing content
Define training groups
Assign specific trainer permission levels
Set automatic reminder emails for employees
Additionally, course completion records are securely archived and accessible anytime—ensuring you can provide training compliance confirmation for any employee, with only a few clicks.

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