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An innovatively designed online training platform to manage risks and build resilience
Falconry eTraining

What We Do

The world as we know it is undergoing a transformation and the economic landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The Workforce is changing, and fast. We design our capability building programmes to help organizations solve today's important problems and predict and manage future business challenges.
We grow and develop talent by providing training programmes that build mindset, knowledge and skills. We believe in the development of talent through building on what people know, how they think and what they can do; not as separate components but as an integrated process to create impact and deliver change.
Learning Culture

e-Trainings Solutions

We can help you create your own impactful, easy to access integrated learning solution. The Falconry Solutions Training Builder allows you to make your own e-learning materials and assessments, offering a variety of ready-to-use templates as well as an HD quality gallery. We also can collaborate with you or your HR team to create bespoke online content using any existing seminar or materials. Request a call back or contact us for more information.
Our library is the largest collection of online training of its kind, offering 150 plus off-the-shelf courses to manage all kind of risks within the organisation. Available in multiple languages, our content supports international clients and diverse workforces.

Our Approach

We listen to our clients to understand their organisation’s business challenges, strategic goals and objectives. We incorporate our vast industry experience and best practices to create customised learning solutions that enable knowledge, skills and mind-set change in our clients.

Analyse & Access

Conduct skills-gap analysis to understand employees training needs and design learning journeys using a solutions-driven approach.

Design & Develop

Create customised programmes that help bridge the gap between learning and business results.

Deliver & Evaluate

Deliver experiential training that gets maximum engagement from participants and evaluate Return on Investment (ROI) for measurable impact.

step-by-step process

Content Development

All of our training and learning content is built with responsive design, so they’ll work great on any mobile device, tablet, or computer. The online training is built using a rigorous methodology and process. Here is a glimpse at how we collaborate to design effective learning experiences aligned with your risks and culture.

step-by-step process

Our Training Evaluation Model

Aligned with the globally renowned Kirkpatrick levels of training evaluations, we have developed our own methodology and learning process which is enable organisations to answer following questions:

Falconry eTraining Solution

Transformational Change

The Falconry eTraining solutions is a set of learning and training tools that helps companies deliver large-scale employee training and development. With Falconry, training managers can easily manage training plans, learning objectives, assessments, and surveys and integrate the systems they need to support and inspire learners across the entire organization.

Our e-training programs focus on sustaining transformational change. We do this by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviours through a broad range of techniques including digital and virtual programs, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations.

Choose Falconry eTraining

Empower Your People Today

Falconry e-learning environment fosters your organization’s objectives for upskilling workforce through unequaled certified programs. Falconry e-learning platform is a user-friendly learning environment, designed to help both you and your organization for success.

Save Time & Money

Your team can access content anywhere and anytime without the need to take time out from their jobs to attend classes. But e-learning is also cost-effective, and companies save a substantial amount on travel and accommodation costs of both learners and instructors, as well as the venue and materials.

Enjoy Consistency

Our presence in the learning business has allowed us to observe the difference among each instructor’s method of teaching. This difference is deducted to zero with eLearning. Online learning provides consistent and standardized training every time. Each learner goes through the same experience regardless of when and where he or she takes the course.

Personalize The Learning Experience

When training your workforce, there’s an abundance of unique preferences and learning goals that need to be fulfilled. E-learning makes it possible to cater to individual needs by allowing learners to choose their learning path and navigate at their own pace.

High Learning Retention

Online learning results in a higher knowledge retention rate due to such factors as coursework being available for several takes and following at own pace.

Measure ROI & Learner Progress

An LMS is mandatory for eLearning. But, apart from a systemized learning experience, and Learning Management System will allow you to track learner progress and report on this activity. An LMS will also let you know how

Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges