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We help scale up startups

We are a trusted partner to deliver significant transformation value through consulting & learning solutions

What we do

Falconry Ventures
An Investment Platform For Falconers

The Fund invests in the world’s most promising companies with disruptive ideas, huge social impact and great return potential. We develop our own initiatives or invest in early and growth stage startup companies with a particular focus on GRC solutions and human development learning initiatives. The Fund is run by Falconry Ventures which enjoys 10-years’ experience in successfully investing in the markets.


What we do

We study the best international experience, support the development of the VC industry and ecosystem in Pakistan and Middle Asia, get acquainted with promising teams, invest in the capital of companies, assist in the growth and scaling up of projects.

We foster innovation and
work together to find
and grow breakthroughs
all over the world

We Help


Solid returns on investment.
Help in finding projects
Due diligence.


Acceleration with our partners MOST Incubator


New products.
New services
New teams.

How Falconry Operates

We invest our own funds
and invite co-investors

We create a fund for
VC investments

We form a team of falconry

We seek scalable

We invest
in selected projects

We provide expertise and

We help scaling up the

We exit from projects
with high returns

We DO NOT consider companies:

Required documents for the project to be considered

If the project have been approved

In case the Fund decides
to participate in the project,
the company should be prepared to:

To accept the Fund’s representative
as a Board Director

To change the company’s
organizational structure
(if necessary)

To submit quarterly
operational and financial
statements to the Fund

A unique expertise by Falconry Ventures over 10 years on the

Learning & Development

GRC Solutions

Imran Sadiq

The founder of Falconry Solutions

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Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges