Building capabilities to empower transformation

Falconry Academy

We help organizations equip their people with the needed skills to achieve and sustain transformational impact.

Confidence to Transform

We believe an organization’s capabilities are the most important competitive differentiator today and in the future. Our research shows that organizations that focus on skill building and having the right resources in place are three times more likely to succeed in a transformation effort.

We enable organisations to integrate strategic direction, elevate employee’s capabilities and build learning culture to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.

Our Learning Approach:

We are committed to creating value for our clients. And we build this into each of our upskilling solutions, both for organisations and for individuals, from across all industries, to deliver experiential, innovative, practical, solution-driven learning.

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How we do it

We do this by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviors through a broad range of techniques including digital and virtual programs, expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations. This approach helps individuals acquire new mindsets and skills, apply these in the context of real work and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change.

Client Needs

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Customised Solutions

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About Our Technology

Learn how we’re innovating the ways you can host, deliver, personalize and measure your training program to make it more valuable for your learners and more aligned with the way things operate in your organization.


Learning Content & Training

All of our training and learning content is built with responsive design, so they’ll work great on any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Our modern, diverse approach to training content let’s you include immersive simulations, gamification and shorter “micro-learning” offerings.


Profiling and Adaptive Learning

We build profiling, branching and test-out into our content to ensure each individual in your organization receives the right training based on their location, role, responsibilities and prior experiences.

Adaptive learning best practices allow us to take a learner down a specific path based on how they respond and react to certain situations.


Program Delivery and Measurement

The Falconry Learning Management System (LMS) is multi-lingual with powerful real-time analytics, branding and customization, assignment and data management and an intuitive user interface.

It also features robust email capabilities to drive engagement and participation. It can host any training you use, whether purchased from a vendor or built in-house.


Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Our goal is to build online courses that can be consumed by people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight and cognitive ability.

Our training and learning content is compliant with accessibility standards and requirements.


Hosting Capabilities

Falconry’s training is LMS agnostic, meaning you can use a third-party or in-house LMS instead of our own to deliver our learning content to your audience. We support multiple publishing models, including SCORM, to remove any barriers to your program’s success.


Connect Training to Policies

The Falconry Integrated Risk Management platform works hand-in-hand with our training and learning content, enabling you to connect training to policies, automate processes between risk and compliance, conduct better risk assessments and create a real-time view of all risk without silos.

online learning platform

Falconry Corporate Learning Solutions

We’ve built a robust online learning platform that your employees will use, love, and apply. Falconry Learning provides the unique combination of these 4 factors:

World-class Content

We offer high-quality professionally produced content that is fresh and relevant for all of your learners

Engaging Learner Experience

We’ve built a highly engaging learning experience that exceeds the high expectations of modern learners

Strategic Insights

Our proprietary insights and data will help you understand your skill needs today and in the future

Robust Learning Platform

Underpinning all of this is a robust learning platform that allows both employee-driven and management-driven learning to build a culture of learning in your organization

User Satisfaction

Our Users Rate Us 4.8 out of 5

Celebrating all our customers and their stories. Case studies, live-stream discussions, spotlight videos, customer-created content, and more.

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Big Wins With Falconry Solutions


Leading organizations understand that enhanced learning and development culture is a source of competitive advantage. By enabling llearning culture more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all their stakeholders.

Deliver Unforgettable Employee Training

Incorporate interactive video, targeted feedback loops, and mobility into your onboarding and ongoing employee training programs, and integrate your current training tools.

Build Excellent Leaders

Through ongoing leadership training and deliberate practice, help individual contributors develop the managerial skill sets to lead teams and meet business needs.

Develop & Fulfill Employees

Retain valuable employees by offering development opportunities that support their personal goals and long-term career objectives.

Impact the Bottom Line

And don't just do it. Show it. Demonstrate how aligning individual, team, and company goals improves retention, increases efficiency, and drives business results.

Become "Learning Native"

Make learning an inherent part of your organisation by forming a digital learning foundation—one that's reliable, scalable, hyper-secure, and open to integrations.

Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world

Falconry Insights

We are a premier organisation that defines thought leadership in risk management and resilience solutions. We bring together leaders from industry and academia to draw actionable insights on emerging risks and future challenges.

Transformation Matters

Building Resilient Organisation Today’s leaders are no strangers to change and disruption. During last few years, there were countless examples of businesses needing to shift

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Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges