Project Risk

Addressing risks and achieving intended outcomes

Do you have confidence that your system implementations will be completed on-time, on budget and to specifications?

Organizations today are challenged with complex system implementations that are expected to efficiently deliver strategic and tactical business benefits without compromising the integrity of the existing environment or violating compliance requirements. Successful delivery of these implementations can significantly impact an organization’s efficiency, reputation and market value. With such high risks, management can benefit from gaining comfort that their implementations will achieve their intended results. Falconry Solutions can help you manage these risks and deliver a successful project.

How can Falconry Solutions support the journey?

The success, durability, reputation and value of a company can be positively influenced by the consistent achievement of system implementation objectives and outcomes. In an environment where accountability for success is heightened, requirements are more complex and regulatory pressures—such as compliance and security—are escalating, achieving system implementation outcomes and satisfying stakeholders has become increasingly important and challenging.

We can help achieve these objectives by providing:

A unique and independent perspective on relevant risks at each phase in your implementation, presenting a clear view of the road blocks that could potentially prevent you from achieving project success.

Continuous feedback to project sponsors and project managers enabling them to proactively identify and address potential implementation risks before they significantly impact the company.

Independent comfort that your desired outcomes will be achieved and stakeholders will be satisfied.

The level of comfort provided can be tailored to a company’s unique requirements, but may cover comfort over the achievement of the project, controls and business outcomes of your system implementation.

Your Challenges

Delivery of a successful project requires that expectations of all stakeholders be met and numerous outcomes be achieved, including:

Project Outcomes

will the project be completed on-time, on budget and to specification?

Controls Outcomes

will the design and implementation of controls satisfy financial reporting, operational, and regulatory requirements in an efficient and effective manner?

Business Outcomes

have expected business benefits been clearly defined and communicated?

Our Capabilities

Through our PIA approach, the nature, timing and extent of our reviews will be tailored to meet the unique risks of your project and may include one or more of the following types of reviews:

Project Risk Assessment

Completion of a risk assessment at any phase of the project to identify key project risks and areas for management focus;

Pre-Implementation Review

The review of your resources, project plans, timelines, controls design and implementation plans, and data conversion techniques prior to the implementation activities to provide comfort around the project prior to commencement;

Go-Live Assessment

The performance of a health-check, pre go-live, to determine whether project plans, testing and other key implementation project activities have been successfully completed prior to cutting over to the new system;

Post-Implementation Review

Review and verification that the planned outcomes defined in the earlier stages of the project are in place and operating, and that intended benefits have been realized.

Our Expertise

Falconry Solution’s wide-range of relevant expertise helps ensure success by providing:

Industry Experience

The ability to provide diverse human capital with years of experience across a number of industry sectors, who have the right mix of project, process, and business knowledge;

Proven methodologies and tools

The capability to utilize our globally proven PIA methodology to identify, plan and execute procedures that provide the appropriate level of comfort to your implementation based on a solid understanding of your desired outcomes and inherent risks

Technology Experience

A deep knowledge of industry specific ERPs, applications and other technology platforms utilized by our world class client base in both the public and private sectors;

Project Implementation Experience

The ability to provide proven knowledge of system implementation controls, project, and business outcomes; while also providing knowledge of issues typically encountered, and having insight in to practical solutions to help resolve them;

Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges