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Building a Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Introduction Awareness of Internet security issues is a benefit to all, from the seasoned systems administrator, to the home user paying a bill online or streaming a movie, to users just now learning about computers and the Internet. Managing the security of our personal information, and maintaining ownership of the goods and services we’ve purchased

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Transformation Matters

Building Resilient Organisation Today’s leaders are no strangers to change and disruption. During last few years, there were countless examples of businesses needing to shift and adapt their strategies and value propositions, taking on the headwinds of their current and projected markets, while shaping their organizations to be able to respond and deliver. Frequently referred

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Training as a Powerful Tool for Evolving Risk Culture

Enterprise-wide risk management requires a shift in the behavior and mindset of employees across an organization. To realize the full benefits of improved systems, tools, and analytical skills, people need to learn new ways of perceiving situations, interpreting data, making decisions, influencing, and negotiating. This article explains ways in which targeted learning and development interventions

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The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and the career advantage

Discover: Learning itself is a skill. Unlocking the mindsets and skills to develop it can boost personal and professional lives and deliver a competitive edge The call for individuals and organizations alike to invest in learning and development has never been more insistent. The World Economic Forum recently declared a reskilling emergency as the world

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Organizational Learning

Discover: What is organizational learning? What is organizational learning theory? Why is organizational learning important? What is organizational learning? Organizational learning is the process by which an organization improves itself over time through gaining experience and using that experience to create knowledge. The knowledge created is then transferred within the organization. Organizational learning is important

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