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The falconry platform enriches, supports, and connects every aspect of consulting and learning in one seamless experience.

Our Expertise

Accelerating Transformation

With Falconry’s products and platforms, companies can access the untapped potential of automation, and leverage it to drive transformation faster. Our product offerings are easy to deploy and designed to accelerate change for businesses, which means that our clients can get highly specialised solutions from globally recognised experts and have technology to make sure it’s delivered effectively across the organisation.

The Falconry Corporate learning solutions is a set of learning and training tools that helps companies deliver large-scale employee training and development. With Falconry, training managers can easily manage training plans, learning objectives, assessments, surveys and integrate the systems they need to support and inspire learners across the entire organisation.

Falconry Corporate Learning Ecosystem

Our Products

Tap into time-tested, learner-loved Falconry Products and features to train, develop, and inspire every employee—regardless of their role or location. Create your own corporate university experience.

Falconry Platform Stats

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Our Team

Our architects and product strategists work closely with our clients in understanding the training requirements in depth, and then other team members ensure the agreed strategy comes to life. We are backed by an advisory team based in region, who provide continuous guidance.

Our team comprises seasoned digital learning professionals who offer the right blend of expertise to make us the preferred eLearning partner to customers.

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Falconry Insights

We are a premier organisation that defines thought leadership in risk management and resilience solutions. We bring together leaders from industry and academia to draw actionable insights on emerging risks and future challenges.

Transformation Matters

Building Resilient Organisation Today’s leaders are no strangers to change and disruption. During last few years, there were countless examples of businesses needing to shift

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The Difference maker

Falconry - A powerful Transformation platform

There’s a lot we can say about the Falconry learning ecosystem, which includes the user-friendly Falconry Products but we only have so much space. Here a few Falconry platform benefits


Falconry supports custom integration with your existing infrastructure and applications architecture at all layers. Deployment can be done through cloud or local in-house implementation.


Falconry is powered by one of the largest, most active, most connected communities on the planet. These folks are an endless source of innovation, information, and support.


Our partners are thoroughly vetted technology, service, and content providers who share our commitment to providing stellar teaching and learning experiences.

Through innovative solutions, We solve important problems that makes an impact and build employees confidence and skills to manage emerging risks and future challenges