Quality Management

Improving quality through expert quality management training

Across industries, companies strive to design and implement quality management systems that effectively regulate variations in equipment, procedures, processes, and evaluations. It takes an expert eye and substantial experience to establish a successful system that results in real quality improvements and company benefits.


Our quality management training courses can help you establish processes to manage and improve quality in your organisation. We offer seminars appropriate for professionals and executives from production and service companies who are actively involved in quality systems and quality improvement, as well as those who plan to implement a quality system or are themselves quality management auditors.


A modular approach to QM training


Depending on your role in your company’s quality management system, we have a suitable course for you:

Quality representative: you learn the fundamentals of quality management qualifying you to establish a QM system in a small or medium-sized company or to maintain a QM system in a large company

Quality manager: you gain specialized knowledge about quality techniques and methods for establishing, implementing, optimizing and further developing a QM system

Quality auditor: you obtain qualifications based on international norms that allow you to plan, carry out, process and document audits; we also offer refresher courses and seminars for international auditors

Specialized seminars for QM professionals: these courses are opportunities to answer in-depth specific questions that arise in QM situations

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